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Q: Why should I train my dog?
A: A well behaved dog is an absolute joy for you and others to have in their lives. You should be in control of your dog. When you cannot handle your dog's behavior you and your dog both feel anxiety and stress. If you feel your dog's behavior is affecting you, your family, or the public, you and your dog need some help.

Q: Why would I want to have private dog training sessions?
A: Private Sessions allow you and your trainer to customize training for your dog to fit its needs and yours. I help you understand your dog's temperament and breed characteristics. I form a training program that is just right for you, your dog and your life style. All of this is done in the privacy of your own home without the distractions of other dogs and owners such as in a class environment. My attention is given solely to you and your dog, not divided amongst many.

Q: How much will this dog training cost me?
A: Every dog and training situation is unique. You may be looking for puppy training, or you may have a serious aggression issue on your hands. It could be you need help with basic training or seek advance training. My rates depend on location and behaviors to be tackled. Please contact me to receive a quote for your needs.

Q: Why not just take a dog training class?
A: Taking a class to teach your dog desirable behaviors is akin to taking your child to a final test when they have not seen any of the subjects they will be tested on. Classes do not address your individual needs with your dog. They are very stressful for your dog and frustrating for the majority of clients. In private sessions I can address all your questions about your dog. You will gain much more knowledge and information about your dog's specific needs in a much shorter period of time as I am only focusing on YOU and YOUR dog.

Q: Why pick Any Breed Training over another company?
A: This may seem like a tough question to answer but it is not for me. I truly enjoy what I do! This type of training is about teaching the owner how to handle the dog and the dog's issues. I thrive on the happiness I see on the dog's face and the owner's face when we have worked out the problems and the two are functioning as best friends. My goal is to leave you and your dog in a happy partnership of respectful friendship.

Mailing Address: 16105 SE 45th Ct, Bellevue WA 98006
Phone: (425) 894-1297

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